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The other night, I went to my first ever Japanese habachi style restaraunt, completely ready to give in to culture and let my taste buds go wild.  Our chef (a native of Japan!!) came and started preparing our meal right in front of us -- it was so exciting, but I was appalled to learn that we'd be eating fried LICE!!  I could not believe my ears, but knew he was not shitting me when he brought out a bag of live lice and threw them onto the fire!!  The screams were deafening and I could hardly compose myself.  Just so you know I'm not kidding about this terrible genocide, I took a picture of what the chef-turned-murderer put in front of me.

I call on you to take action against this horrible cultural practice.

Thank you.

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*Breaks down crying*. That is horrible, just horrible. How anyone could happily do something to such an amazing creature, I have no idea. Make no mistake, I will be reporting this to the Federation, and the government, and the homeless man who seems to live on the end of my street! Terrible. *Says a prayer for the dearly departed*.
AH! Blasphemy! I will not allow this!
he was FROM JAPAN?! ::squeal:: that's ooc. and so are you.
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